Thursday, November 30, 2017

Fall 2017 Season - Championship Teams and Top League Scorers Announced!


"Well, we didn't help the old team!"

"My guy is MVP of Elite!"

"If I can't play with these boots, you're on your own!"

"Be nice to us refs!"

Elite Division!

As predicted, Ninja takes it all, but just by one 3-point difference!  With the win, they caught the Repeat Offenders with the most championships!  That will make the Winter Season extra interesting!

Top 10!

MVP John!

30+ A/B Division!

The younger Woodchippers overpowered the venerable Elders, who seemed to run out of gas by the end.  They just couldn't keep up with the run and gun strategy of the champs, who successfully defended their title from the Spring Season, now with a total of 7 titles to match Ninja and RepeatOffenders (all tied for 3rd in the all-time list) - do we hear Elite for the Winter Season?!

Top 10!
MVP Darien!


30+ B/C Division!

Uncle Hoopsters pulled off a thriller win over the very competitive Killers, that went down to the last seconds to determine the winner!

MVP Raj!

Uncle Hoopsters!

Top 10!

40+ A Division!

We've not seen such a perfectly played game in Legends for awhile!  Two teams that should have produced a close game, turned into a rout, as the Woodchippers-2 could not miss!

MVP Christian!

Champion WoodChippers-2!

Top 10!

40+ B Division!

Ok, so the Commish's Office blew this prediction, as the BlueChips proved everyone wrong by running the table in the playoffs after a 2-5 regular season...go figure!  That's what can happen in Legends, you can't count any team out!  The BlueChips got hot, and that's that!  Hats off to the champs!

Champion BlueChips!

MVP Akinlabi!

Top 10!

40+ C Division!

Champs at last! Their twin (3?!) Towers all showed up...BIG!  So their previous 0-3 playoff record is now on the upswing, and B Division, here we come!  

Champs BucketList!

MVP David!

Top 10!

Weeknight B/C Division!

Volume Integration would not be denied!  They played a great team game, that thwarted the young guns of the HD Chasers, as well as their Hall of Fame bound leader, Lance!

MVP Michael!

Volume Integration Champs!

Top 10!