Thursday, November 16, 2017

Commish Short - Fall Finals - Predictions Update!

Fall Finals - Predictions Update!

We made it through the semis!  See below for the Commish Office's update!

Elite Division

Sorry Expansionites and Mighty Men, it will be Ninja and Repeat Offenders making it to the final for another epic battle in their long-standing rivalry!  They’ve met three times before in the Finals, with Ninja up 2-1, but RepeatO has the edge 7-6 in overall championships.  Avoiding players getting mad, the Commish’s Office will refrain from picking the winner!  Needless to say, it’s a must-see game!

Update! Repeat Offenders disappoint!  Ok, so the Expansionites pulled off the big upset!  Yes, they played well, but let's be serious - Ninja Looms!  Without RepeatO in their way, Ninja ends the Expansionites' lofty dreams of reaching the mountain top!

A/B Division

With the star-studded roster of the Elders, we cannot see Farmers taking them down, or even the vaunted Woodchippers, whom we think they will meet in the Finals!  PROCON has had an amazing season, and they are the dark horse!

Update! We nailed this Finals match-up!  Now it's time to see the Elders shut down the Woodchippers with their incredible team play!

B/C Division

Seeds 1 and 2 (Uncle Hoopsters and Killers) will meet in the Finals, dispatching Cordia Heat and Grindfathers (who pulled off a great upset in the QFs!)  Mr. Legend and Hall of Famer Dick Beville has put together a winning squad, but it won’t be easy against the Uncles!  It all depends who shows up for the game, but we have to lean to the Hoopsters to pull out the win!

Update! Nailed another Finals match-up!  To complete the prediction, we stand by our original - Uncle's win!

40+ A Division

This is a very even division with any team able to make the big run!  We think the Woodchippers-2 will defeat the Clydesdales in the Final!

Update - Right again! But this one will be a nail biter!  Again, we stand by the younger legs of the Woodchippers-2!

40+ B Division

This division is almost unpredictable!  But we have to go with the #1 seed in the Barnsters to defeat TGX in the finals!

Update - Hey, what can we say....can't be right all the time!  We did say i was almost unpredictable!  And what the heck went on with the Barnsters!  Bad time to lay an egg!  However, we must swap to TGX for the win!  So the Blue Chips got lucky catching an ice-cold Barnsters.  Did you see TGX crush the HoundDogs?!  TGX wins!

40+ C Division

Bucket List, Bucket List, Bucket List!  It’s their season!  They are 0-3 in the Finals (not including a watered down Summer Season win!) but upped their game with some key off-season pickups!  They should down either the FCC Clipboards or Dealers in the Finals!

Update!  A caveat long as the Bucket List's Twin Towers show, this game is theirs!  If one doesn't show, they could be looking at an 0-4 Finals record!

Weeknight League

Wow, it’s the Finals on Tuesday!  Volume Integration pulled off a huge upset of #1 seed X-Factor in the semis, but we think the run-and-gun HD Chasers will be too much for them in the Finals!

Update!  We are switching to Volume Integration winning it all!  Oops, they already did win - CONGRATS and see you in DisneyWorld!

GOOD LUCK TO ALL, and See you Sunday!