Wednesday, December 13, 2017

CommishShort - Week 1 Action!

Elite Upset!

Did Ninja really just lose, after running the table in the Fall Season with the perfect 10-0 season?!  YES!  At the hands of the Expansionites, who appear to be on a mission this season!  "Well, what can I say - we are running without our season MVP.  We tried, but ever since he got the award, we ain't good enough for him!" stated Aaron "GM of the Year" Mundrake.

40+ A, B or...Elite?!

After several years in hiding, the Gotem Pirates (previously HAVOC) returned to the best damn league in the area to mix it up once again!  So what do they do?  They enter 40+ B, then proceed to trounce their first opponent by 41 points!  Needless to say, the Commissioner is looking into moving them up.  "Yo, we wanna win, but who knew we were that good!  Maybe we should move right to Elite!" explained coach and awesome point guard Stan "The Man" Ford.


See you all Sunday, then a two week break for the holidays!