Friday, May 26, 2017

Elite Action!

Elite Action!

The fight for seeding in Elite was intense, with Ninja out-shooting the vaunted Outlawz!  Will they meet again?  Hope so!

Montel drives...
Derrick Flies...
Grady Soars...
...then Jams..

But unstoppable!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Commish Short! Playoffs Around the Corner!

Commish Short!

Playoffs Around the Corner!

Just one more regular season game, and we have 3 games with significant seeding implications!

The three "Games of the Week" for Week 7 (5/21/17) are as follows:

1. Wasabi Warriors (6-0) battle the Woodchippers (5-1).  Can WW extend to 7-0, or lose the #1 seed with a loss?!

2. Dealers (6-0) vs. Innkeepers (5-1) same issue as above!

3. Ninja (4-2) vs. Outlawz (5-1).  Outlaws seem untouchable - as long as their awesome top scorer shows!  But the venerable Ninja - sitting tied with Repeat Offenders with Most Elite Division Championships at 6 - are back and want another ring!  See the Championship Team list here:

Good luck to all the teams!

Friday, May 5, 2017

Spring 2017 - Mid Season Report!

Spring 2017 - Mid Season Report!

We've reached mid-season!  See the Top 25 scorers, Undefeated teams, and action!

Fan Cam!

Start 'em young!

Top 25 - at Mid-Season!

Dave Burger leads the way with 117 points, while Donald Vaughn owns the best PPG!

Undefeated Teams!

Elite: No one left untouched! Ninja and Outlawz are at the top at 4-1!
30+ A/B: Wasabi Warriors perfect at 5-0!
30+B/C: 3-way tie at 4-1! Cordia Heat, Killers, and HAVOC!
40+ A/B: HD Chasers at 3-1
40+ B/C: Dealers, FCC Clipboards, and Bad Hombres at 5-0!
Tuesday Night League: X-Factor and Volume Integration at 3-0!