Friday, May 11, 2018

Spring 2018 FanCam, Action Pics, Division Reports, and Mid-Season Stats!


...and Action Pics!

Division Reports!

Elite - Mighty Men are hot!  At the top at 4-1, edging out the Ballhogz via a head-to-head tiebreak win!  Is this the season the Mighty Men finally get their hardware?  Or will the BallHogz exact revenge in a most likely rematch?
And what happened to the vaunted RepeatOffenders?  Never seen them at the bottom, but that's where they are with just one win - can they turn it around?

30+ A - Spacemen are out of this world!  Are they good enough to play with the Big Boys in Elite?  They took down the mighty WoodChippers and stand at a perfect 5-0 now! 

30+ B - TombRaiders OMG are dominating, also at 5-0, but with a 115 point differential - sounds like a move to 30+ A is imminent for the playoffs!

30+ C - BasketHounds are at the top with a 4-2 record, but Vorsprung are right behind at 3-2!

40+A - MudSharks again at the top at 4-1!  But WoodChippers-2blemished their record and a Finals showdown could be in the works!

40+B - FreeBirds!  4-1 and flirting with a need to be in 40+A!  HoundDogs right behind, and you know what they can do in big games!

40+ C - BucketList are at the top, as they opened their purses and added a superstar to the team - and probably pushing them to 40+ B for the tournament!

Weeknight A - GateCity are a perfect 5-0! McClung is living up to the hype!  Can they take all the way and defeat the "old guys" - HD Chasers and X-Factor, lurking right behind them?  It should be a thrilling second half!

Weeknight B - Swish Kabobs are a perfect 5-0, leaving their competitors in the dust, all at 1-4!  Should they move up?!

Mid-Season Stats

Now that we are half-way through the season, it's time to share the individual scoring stats!  Will the top scorers continue their awesome pace?  With their efforts turn into a championship for their respective teams?  Only time will tell!

Below are the Top 15 scorers per division:


30+ A
30+ B

30+ C

40+ A

40+ B

40+ C

WeekNight A

WeekNight B

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Spring 3on3 Tournament Results!

Congrats to the 3on3 Champions for Spring 2018!

  • Adult A Division - Spartans over Outlawz (15-12)

  • Adult B Division - Ruff Ryders over Brown Sugar (15-13)

  • 3rd/4th Grade Division - Shooters over Lions!
  • 5th/6th Grade Division - Bucket Squad over Triple Threat (15-10)
Bucket Squad!

  • 7th/8th Grade Division - Team DeWayne over Team Free Agents (10-9)
Team DeWayne!

  • 9th/10th Grade Division - Team Free Agents over Bullets
Team Free Agents!

See All the Pics in the link below!

We hope to see everyone in the Fall/Winter Tournament or the Summer and Fall regular seasons!