Saturday, June 16, 2018

Spring 2018 FanCam, Action Pics, and Playoffs Report!


BigMan Art Crowder shows gentle side!

Gearing up for the Semifinals!

Elite - On Sunday, the Mighty Men will take on the Expansionites while the RepeatOffenders fight the BallHogz!   But first, check out the 3-point buzzer-beater by MightyMan John Campbell to take down the RepeatOffenders last week!

---> Commish's Office Prediction: But we have to go with the BallHogz as the favs to win it all this season!


30+ A - Will the stars align for the Spacemen as they attempt to bring down the Elders? In the other semifinal, the mighty Woodchippers vie with the Uncle Cobras for a chance at the finals!

---> Commish's Office Prediction: Spacemen complete the perfect undefeated season!

30+ B - The Tomb Raiders will be struggling against the Black Mambas for their continuance in the playoff race! Meanwhile, in a storm of scythes and pitchforks, the Farmers will be playing against HellFest!

---> Commish's Office Prediction: It's Black Mamba's season!

30+ C - The temperature will be fluctuating as Vorsprung tries to keep cool against Cordia Heat! On the other court, it's time to rise as the GrindFathers will be taking on the BasketHounds!

---> Commish's Office Prediction: Vorsprung springs to the championship!

40+ A - In an early semifinals game this week, the HD Chasers locked in their spot in the 2018 Spring finals against the Mudsharks! To decide their opponent, Woodchippers-2 will attempt to grind up Z2 this Sunday!

---> Commish's Office Prediction: Who can deny HD Chasers?  No one!

40+ B - The FreeBirds will put on their best poker face to take on Ante Up in this exciting semifinals match! In the other game, the Innkeepers will do their best to chain up the HoundDogs and secure a berth into the finals!

---> Commish's Office Prediction: Wow, too close to call!  it all depends who shows up to play!  We like the HoundDogs, though!

40+ C - We'll see just how much the Squirrely Flyers can handle as they press forward against the Dealers! Let's find out if Bucket List can cross of the finals when they take on TGX!

---> Commish's Office Prediction: Dealers Win!  Dealers Win!

Weeknight Finals Finished!

Weeknight A - #5 Matthew Harper dropped 20 points as the HD Chasers-2 picked up the finals and finished a great season against X-Factor!  But he didn't need the 20 to be crowned the Top League Scorer for the season in Weeknight A, while teammate and future NBA threat Quentin Scarborough brought home League MVP honors!

Matt Drives...

...and Quentin gets lifted by Dad!

Weeknight B/C - FirePower, with their finals win against Bucket List-2, finished up a hard fought season! Starting the season off at 0-4, they fought their way all the way through the playoffs to lift the trophy!  And with the pressure on in more ways than one, player-coach Eric Nicolais poured in 24, which was 5 more than he needed to get the Division's Top Scorer award, and earned the League MVP in the process - what a night for Eric!

Current Stats

Now that we are almost done with the season, it's time to share the individual scoring stats! A few tight races remain as the remaining players fight to put their name at the top of the standings! In 40+ C, it's down to the wire for William Davis and Aaron Tooke, tied at 130 points! Who will remain mired in the points ladder, and who will climb the ranks and make it to the top? We'll find out in two weeks!

Below are the current Top 15 scorers per division:


30+ A

30+ B

30+ C

40+ A

40+ B

A dead heat going into the semis for Bill and Aaron!

40+ C

Weeknight A

Weeknight B