Friday, July 26, 2019

Spring 2019 Season Wrap-up!

In this Issue:

  • FanCam Pics
  • Division Championship Box Scores
  • MVP Pictures
  • Championship Team Pictures
  • Championship Game Write-ups
  • Division Top 20 Scorers
  • ...and...all the finals pictures posted!:


Elite Division!

In an excitingly close game the BallHogz came out on top! MVP Joshua Wilson killed it with 14 rebounds and 7 points! 

MVP Joshua Wilson!

30+A Division!

The Spacemen had a great game to win the championship with several high scorers of the day! MVP Leo Stinson got a whopping 21 points!

MVP Leo Stinson!

30+B Division!

The 30+ A/B Expansion team killed the Killers in this exciting championship!  They had a slow start to their season but came out strong!

 MVP Antwon Derricks!

30+C Division!

Team Van Metre started out slow this season but came back with a vengeance! They played an amazing championship game with MVP Steve Stafilatos leading the way with 18 points!

MVP Steve Stafilatos!

40+A Division!

The Elders who had lost big to the Woodchippers earlier in the season turned it around for the big championship win against them!  MVP Demond Simmons had an amazing game with 11 points and 18 rebounds!

MVP Demond Simmons!

40+B Division!

The Bullets shot through this season with only one loss by one point and they held true with a killer win in the finals! 

MVP Jerry Tian!

40+C Division!

The Squirrely Flyers CRUSHED TGX in the finals after a delayed winning streak at the end of their season.  

MVP Sean McDonald!

Weeknight A/B!

UREC Rejects take down the undefeated PICK N ROLL for the championship title! 

MVP Max Sinthorntham!

Weeknight B/C! 

The Shockers beat the PW Bullets in an excitingly close championship game!

MVP Zach Elyhachana!

Top Scorers of the Season!

Elite: Justin Baker

30+A: Scott Young

30+B: Antwon Derricks

30+C: Steve Stafilatos 

40+A: John Windt

40+B: Jerry Tian 

40+C: Dennis Somech 

Weeknight A/B: Max Sinthorntham

Weeknight B/C: Avery Hinz