Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Fall 2017 Mid-Season Report!


We're at the half way point, so time to take a look at standings and the scoring race!

The only team left undefeated is Ninja at the top of the Elite Division with a 6-0 record!  Can anyone spoil their drive for the perfect season?!

  • In 30+ A/B, PROCON and Elders are locked in first at 4-1.
  • In 30+ B/C, Killers and Uncle Hoopsters are also tied at 4-1.
  • In 40+ A, Woodchippers-2 and DMV Clydesdales also each at 4-1! See pics from their epic battle below!
  • In 40+ B, it's the Barnsters alone at the top for now, also 4-1.
  • And last but not least, 40+ C - You guessed it, two teams tied at 4-1!  Dealers and Bucket List.
  • In Tuesday B/C, X Factor is alone at 5-1, with HD Chasers, chasing them down at 4-1!

Top 15 in each Division

30+ A/B

30+ B/C

40+ A

40+ B

40+ C


Tuesday B/C 

Highlights from DMV Clydesdales vs. Woodchippers-2 Game

Known for their extremely physical play, these experienced guys are tough!  Can they stay healthy the entire season?