Friday, December 23, 2016

Week 2 In the Books!


Top Scorers with 20 or more!

At the top, we know why Dave Tyson is in the Legends Hall of Fame!


After only two weeks, just a handful of teams undefeated!

Elite:           Adept and Mighty Men
30+ A/B:     Squires, Woodchippers, and Uncle Ji
30+ B/C:     Chicken Express, Cordia Heat, and HAVOC
40+ A/B:     Z2, HoundDogs
40+ B/C:     Blue Chips

Upset Special!

Adept (30+ A Defending Champs) step up to take down Repeat Offenders (Elite Defending Champs) 47-40!  Adept MVP Lampros Tsontzos scored at will with game-high 20 points!  "We'll have to go to the drawing board to come up with a different D, for next time"  stated Repeat Offenders coach John Windt.

Flying through the D!

"This is not our game!"

"Hit the open man!"

First Win!

New to Legends, the Achievers shook off a week-opening double-header disaster to gain their first win!

"I will take you down!

"Stealing is against the law!"

Splitting the D!

For all the pics, see this link:

Monday, December 12, 2016

2016/17 Winter Season Kicks Off with a blast!

Week 1 Action with Fan Cam and Top Scorers!

See all the pictures of the 3 games (Winter 16/17 folder) at Thoreau MS here:

"I'm gonna take it to the hoop!"

"I got this!"

Who's the fan with the blue hair?


Cool uniforms!

We have lift-off!
"I got it!"

Losing is a lonely place!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Fall 2016 Season Wrap-up - Championship Games and League Top Scorers!

Elite/A Division

Repeat Offenders took down the Mighty Men in a thriller game that was closer than the final score suggests! Tim Stanos hit the early 3's to set the tone, and Jamal (League MVP) took it from there with 14 big points!

MVP Jamal!

Top 5 season scorers for the division:

30+ B

Adept over Squires!

The season was a bit of a roller-coaster, as competing leagues and priorities caused our numbers to vacillate between 5-12 people per game. All season, though, we were anchored by the outstanding play of Pan Wang and Lampros Tsontzos, both former college basketball players and current beasts. 
The finals mirrored the ups and down of the season in a way - we were down nine at half and couldn't seem to buy a bucket on offense.  But when we needed them, Pan and Lampros came up big and scored nearly all of our late second-half points together.  Kevin Wang and Daniel Cooper were outstanding all game, and Tim Chang came up with a big block to seal the game in the last few seconds.  
While there were ups and downs all season, we were fortunate to end on a high point this season.

MVP Albert!

Top 5 season scorers for the division:


30+ C

Baskethounds avenged last season’s Finals loss, defeating HAVOC by the slimmest of margins, 47-46! Raj powered in 17, and Kirill garnered the league MVP honors!

MVP Kirill!

Top 5 season scorers for the division:


40+ A

Renegades defeated a tough HD Chasers team, with a balanced attack from the top 3 Renegade scorers, Enga, Erickson, and Kelley!

MVP Enga!

Top 5 season scorers for the division:

40+ B

Freemen outscores Team Glauser, as Henderson and Baez carry the load, scoring 19 and 18 respectively!

MVP Chuck!

Top 5 season scorers for the division:

40+ C

Squirrely Flyers put together a strong second season in the league.  Backed by a rapid-fire offense and consistent defense, the eight returning Flyers ended up with an eerily similar road to the finals as they followed during their inaugural season.  Finishing with a 6-1 regular season, with the only loss coming during inter-divisional play, they secured the top seed and a first round bye.  
 The semi-final game proved once again to challenge Squirrely Flyers' resolve.  Facing a surging Dealers team, the Flyers found themselves trailing early and down by 15 at the half.  The second half brought little relief for the Flyers, as the Dealers held ground and led by 10 points with 2 minutes remaining.  Squirrely Flyers began intentionally fouling to extend the game.  Dealers hit most of their free throws, but the Flyers, anchored by five 3-pointers by Gene, started chipping away at the lead.  Trailing by one point with 0.6 seconds remaining, Rob was able to get a quick shot off from the corner ahead of the buzzer for the improbable comeback and a 1-point Squirrely Flyers win.
 During a rematch of the spring season finals, Squirrely Flyers and Bucket List once again faced off.  In a hard fought game by both teams, Squirrely Flyers led most of the way and closed out the season with a solid win.  Congratulations to Gene for his selection as MVP based on his consistent outside shooting threat and clutch scoring in the playoffs.  Squirrely Flyers look forward to the winter season and continued play against quality opponents.

MVP Eugene!

Top 5 season scorers for the division: