Saturday, June 10, 2017

Semis are Here after Amazing QF Upsets!


Quarterfinals Upsets! 

Usually, the 8th seed is toast against the vaunted #1 Seed - Not this season!

In an historic upset, the Dukes, down to 5 players and sporting an 0-7 record, upset the hugely favored Wasabi Warriors (7-0)!  And it went down the wire - a thrilling game to watch!

For those teams like the Wasabi Warriors who exited way too soon - no need for extended therapy sessions - there is always the Summer Season!

Warriors fly high...

...but Dukes don't give up...

...and win in closing moments!

Then, #2 Seed Elders fell to #7 seed Cobras - this may be the first time the Elders exited so early, but the Cobras are tough and could go all the way!

Now on to the Semis, and wow, some great match-ups!

Highlighted games are:

Elite A

 Repeat Offenders vs. Ninja!  This is a classic rival going back years!  Who will win?  Come see!  Expansionites vs. Outlawz! Expansionites are the top seed, but Outlawz have to be the favorites!

Elite B

Bullets Forever begin their run as #1 seed.  First up, Colonial's Revenge - not an easy game by any means!  Waiting in the wings are Justice League and Team Glow...both teams with the ability to take the championship!

30+ A/B

Dukes try to extend the magic vs. PROCON!  And the Cobras, after taking down the Elders are riding high vs. Woodchippers!

30+ B/C

HAVOC is the team to beat - #1 seed and 6-1!  Killers take their shot!  Then Chicken Express and Vorsprung battle in the other semi!

40+ A

HD Chasers want their championship!  Can they do it?  With Elders in another division, let's see!  Z2 awaits!  And perhaps the team that can take down Chasers is Borg - they will try to assimilate Blue Chips first!

40+ B

Innkeepers go for their second championship in a row!  Can Ante Up Stop them?  Dealers vs. Barnsters battle in Semi #2!

40+ C

Squirrelly Flyers face Bucket List.  Can Bucket List pull the upset?  Team Glauser will have to defeat Suicide Squad on the other bracket.