Thursday, July 13, 2017

Spring 2017 Season - Championship Teams and Top League Scorers Announced!


Daddy, I won!
It pays to be a Legends player!

Don't worry, we got this game!

Too close a game! Should I clap?

My team needs to win, and I need new pants!

Too cool to smile!

Coach, can I go in now?
A packed house for the Finals!

See all the season's pictures here:

Elite A Division

The RepeatOffenders lived up to their name, returning to the top of the Elite division while locking up the OutlawzMarcus Passmore, however, did not (pass more!), as he put up 21 critical points! League MVP Art "Big Man" Crowder offered more than his immense court presence, following up with 14 points. 
RepeatOffenders also broke the total championships logjam with Ninja, as they both were tied at 6 Legends championships going into this season - fitting they defeated Ninja on their way to their 7th title!

MVP Art "Big Man" Crowder!

Top 15 Season Scorers for the division:

Elite B Division

Colonial's Revenge exacted their vengeance on Team Glow, coming back from a huge point deficit in the last few minutes of the game to successfully defend their title! Down by as many as 15 points, the Colonial's MVP Scott Bauer put away 20 to help pull his team up and over Glow, securing their second championship in a row.  Team Glow members can get a discount for off-season therapy sessions after losing such a commanding lead in the waning minutes of the game - sorry guys, come back and make things right in the fall!

MVP Scott Bauer!
Colonial's Revenge!
Top 15 Season Scorers for the division:

30+ A Division

The Woodchippers shredded the Dukes, ending their miracle run in the playoffs. Coming off an 0-7 season, the Dukes defeated the number one seed in the quarters and fought all the way to the finals, where it seems the magic ran out against the Woodchippers, and their MVP Terrell Barnes' incredible defense. Jon Mukri scored the highest, with 14 points to secure his team's victory. 

MVP Terrel Barnes!

Top 15 Season Scorers for the division:

30+ B/C Division

HAVOC wreaked themselves upon Vorsprung as they blew past them to take the championship in dominating fashion! Jason Burston and Didier Ngay's combined 18 points helped HAVOC put their victory away. MVP Miguel Marti's voracity contributed heavily to his team's win!  A great team effort, as no member scored more than 9 points!

MVP Miguel Marti!
Top 15 Season Scorers for the division:

40+ A Division

Resistance was futile for Z2 as Borg added the title of 40+ A champs to their cabinet! Chris Quinn's 20 points served to end Z2's chances and put his team on top, while MVP Kevin Nearpass completely shut down Z2's offense!

MVP Kevin Nearpass!

Top 15 Season Scorers for the division:

40+ B Division

The Barnsters were forced to fold as Ante Up took the win in this nail-biter that came down to the last seconds. MVP Robert Taylor's 11 points nailed the Barnsters coffin shut as he and his team fought to the very end and secured themselves the slimmest margin of victory.

MVP Robert Taylor!

Ante Up!

Top 15 Season Scorers for the division:

40+ C Division

TEAM Glauser (no imagination in that team name!) had a triumphant end to the Spring season as they quite handily crossed off Bucket List with a 20+ point margin. Larry Baccari scored the most for his team with 14 points, backed up by MVP Ryan David with 11.

MVP Ryan David!
TEAM Glauser!
Top 15 Season Scorers for the division:

Tuesday B/C Division

Tuesday turned into Blues-day for X-Factor as the HD Chasers took the win in this hard fought battle! X-Factor was 9-0, looking for a championship ring to seal the perfect season - but alas, such as it goes for some hugely talented sports teams.  Just ask the 2007 New England Patriots!  Lance Posey's 15 points were key to securing the close game for his team, while MVP Will Turner's massive court presence and timely foul shooting helped push his team over the top!

MVP Will Turner!

HD Chasers!
Top 15 Season Scorers for the division:

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Semis are Here after Amazing QF Upsets!


Quarterfinals Upsets! 

Usually, the 8th seed is toast against the vaunted #1 Seed - Not this season!

In an historic upset, the Dukes, down to 5 players and sporting an 0-7 record, upset the hugely favored Wasabi Warriors (7-0)!  And it went down the wire - a thrilling game to watch!

For those teams like the Wasabi Warriors who exited way too soon - no need for extended therapy sessions - there is always the Summer Season!

Warriors fly high...

...but Dukes don't give up...

...and win in closing moments!

Then, #2 Seed Elders fell to #7 seed Cobras - this may be the first time the Elders exited so early, but the Cobras are tough and could go all the way!

Now on to the Semis, and wow, some great match-ups!

Highlighted games are:

Elite A

 Repeat Offenders vs. Ninja!  This is a classic rival going back years!  Who will win?  Come see!  Expansionites vs. Outlawz! Expansionites are the top seed, but Outlawz have to be the favorites!

Elite B

Bullets Forever begin their run as #1 seed.  First up, Colonial's Revenge - not an easy game by any means!  Waiting in the wings are Justice League and Team Glow...both teams with the ability to take the championship!

30+ A/B

Dukes try to extend the magic vs. PROCON!  And the Cobras, after taking down the Elders are riding high vs. Woodchippers!

30+ B/C

HAVOC is the team to beat - #1 seed and 6-1!  Killers take their shot!  Then Chicken Express and Vorsprung battle in the other semi!

40+ A

HD Chasers want their championship!  Can they do it?  With Elders in another division, let's see!  Z2 awaits!  And perhaps the team that can take down Chasers is Borg - they will try to assimilate Blue Chips first!

40+ B

Innkeepers go for their second championship in a row!  Can Ante Up Stop them?  Dealers vs. Barnsters battle in Semi #2!

40+ C

Squirrelly Flyers face Bucket List.  Can Bucket List pull the upset?  Team Glauser will have to defeat Suicide Squad on the other bracket.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Elite Action!

Elite Action!

The fight for seeding in Elite was intense, with Ninja out-shooting the vaunted Outlawz!  Will they meet again?  Hope so!

Montel drives...
Derrick Flies...
Grady Soars...
...then Jams..

But unstoppable!