Friday, May 11, 2018

Spring 2018 FanCam, Action Pics, Division Reports, and Mid-Season Stats!


...and Action Pics!

Division Reports!

Elite - Mighty Men are hot!  At the top at 4-1, edging out the Ballhogz via a head-to-head tiebreak win!  Is this the season the Mighty Men finally get their hardware?  Or will the BallHogz exact revenge in a most likely rematch?
And what happened to the vaunted RepeatOffenders?  Never seen them at the bottom, but that's where they are with just one win - can they turn it around?

30+ A - Spacemen are out of this world!  Are they good enough to play with the Big Boys in Elite?  They took down the mighty WoodChippers and stand at a perfect 5-0 now! 

30+ B - TombRaiders OMG are dominating, also at 5-0, but with a 115 point differential - sounds like a move to 30+ A is imminent for the playoffs!

30+ C - BasketHounds are at the top with a 4-2 record, but Vorsprung are right behind at 3-2!

40+A - MudSharks again at the top at 4-1!  But WoodChippers-2blemished their record and a Finals showdown could be in the works!

40+B - FreeBirds!  4-1 and flirting with a need to be in 40+A!  HoundDogs right behind, and you know what they can do in big games!

40+ C - BucketList are at the top, as they opened their purses and added a superstar to the team - and probably pushing them to 40+ B for the tournament!

Weeknight A - GateCity are a perfect 5-0! McClung is living up to the hype!  Can they take all the way and defeat the "old guys" - HD Chasers and X-Factor, lurking right behind them?  It should be a thrilling second half!

Weeknight B - Swish Kabobs are a perfect 5-0, leaving their competitors in the dust, all at 1-4!  Should they move up?!

Mid-Season Stats

Now that we are half-way through the season, it's time to share the individual scoring stats!  Will the top scorers continue their awesome pace?  With their efforts turn into a championship for their respective teams?  Only time will tell!

Below are the Top 15 scorers per division:


30+ A
30+ B

30+ C

40+ A

40+ B

40+ C

WeekNight A

WeekNight B

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Spring 3on3 Tournament Results!

Congrats to the 3on3 Champions for Spring 2018!

  • Adult A Division - Spartans over Outlawz (15-12)

  • Adult B Division - Ruff Ryders over Brown Sugar (15-13)

  • 3rd/4th Grade Division - Shooters over Lions!
  • 5th/6th Grade Division - Bucket Squad over Triple Threat (15-10)
Bucket Squad!

  • 7th/8th Grade Division - Team DeWayne over Team Free Agents (10-9)
Team DeWayne!

  • 9th/10th Grade Division - Team Free Agents over Bullets
Team Free Agents!

See All the Pics in the link below!

We hope to see everyone in the Fall/Winter Tournament or the Summer and Fall regular seasons!

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Winter 2017/18 Season - Championship Teams and Top League Scorers Announced!


Close Game!

The whole gang is here!

"I want to play!"

"Did you see that shot?!"

Proud kids for their MVP dad!

Freddy, wife and daughter approve!

"Our dad's a winner!"

"Same here!"
"This gym is COLD!"

Getting serious!

3-Point Champ, Gaurave Batta!

After hitting 20th of 30 points!
With the winnings!

Elite Division!

Expansionites break through!  They took down the mighty Repeat Offenders in the Final, and also beat last season's champs, the powerful Ninja!

Will Expansionites defend their awesome title in the spring to prove it wasn't a one-season fluke?!  We will see!

MVP Stephen was unstoppable!


Top 20!

30+ A/B Division!

The Woodchippers are making a habit of overpowering 30+ A/B teams, this time Uncle Cobras are the victim!
Is it time for WoodChippers to play with the Big Boys in Elite?!

MVP Jesse goes high!


Top 20!

30+ B/C Division!

Newly formed TombRaiders prove rookie teams can reach the top in one season!  Taking down the Black Mambas wasn't easy, though!  A hard fought win!

MVP Tye!


Top 20!

40+ A Division!

The MudSharks would not be denied!  They pounded a highly experienced HD Chasers by playing really smart team ball!

MVP Ryan!


Top 20!

40+ B Division!

The HoundDogs are back!  Yes, with a bit of a drought between their last championship, they took care of business against the FreeBirds!
MVP Dennis!


Top 20!

40+ C Division!

This division wins the award for the most exciting game, won by the slimmest of margins by TGX over a hugely disappointed Bad Hombres!  It was a 1-point victory, with huge clutch free throws by their MVP with no time left on the clock!  

MVP Daniel on Game Winning Shot - Nervous?!


Weeknight B/C Division!

X-Factor completes the perfect season!  Not to be denied again, they came out strong and never looked back, defeating a valiant FirePower team, who was playing short.  It probably would not have mattered the way X-Factor played all season, but surely a closer game!

MVP Will couldn't be stopped!


Top 20!

Fav Action Shots!