Friday, February 16, 2018

Last Regular Season Week - Key Match-Ups for All-Important Tournament Seeding!

With just one more week of regular season play, below are the key matches which will determine the top seed in these divisions as they enter the playoffs!  All other teams also jockey for the best seed they can get too - Good Luck, all!


  • Repeat Offenders are in first place, but will be facing the only team they lost to - yup, you guessed it - defending champ Ninja!  Wow!  What a match-up!  Whoever wins this game gets the top seed!

40+ B 

  • The FreeBirds are matched up again against Bucket List, whom they showed no mercy last time, decimating them 57-32!  Will Bucket List  come to play this time?  Incentive is - winner gets top seed!

40+ C 

  • Squirrely Flyers vs. Bad Hombres! Winner gets #1 seed if TGX also loses! Is it Bad Hombres' time?  We'll see!   


Other Notes 

  • Can Gotem Pirates continue their perfect run at 7-0?
  • How about X-Factor of the awesome weeknight league, also perfect at 6-0.  We know what has happened to them in the past, entering a Finals undefeated!
  • Triple Threat is playing well!  Can they control their bigman's temper so they can advance?
  • Expansionites have slipped to 3-3.  They showed so much promise!  Is the magic gone?!
  • Stand by for playoff predictions once the pairing are ready!

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Winter 2017/18 Mid-Season Stats and Action Shots!

Mid-Season Stats:

Now that we are half-way through the season, it's time to share the individual scoring stats!  Will the top scorers continue their awesome pace?  With their efforts turn into a championship for their respective teams?  Only time will tell!

Below are the Top 15 scorers per division:

30+ A/B

30+ B/C

40+ A

40+ B

40+ C



Mid-Season Favorite Action Shots!

Lighting up the scoreboard...

...and lightening up the mood!

Nice Move!

My first Legends game - I got this!

Cut Left!

Cut Right!

Who wants the pass?

I'm a patriot - get out of my way!

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Results of 4 Key Games in Week 5!

So here's what happened to those 4 key games:

  • 40+A - Gotem Pirates took it to the Woodchippers-2, 53-42 and now are one of only two undefeated (6-0) Sunday Night teams!  Here are some action shots of the game!
No stopping Travis!

Alan E. makes his Legends return!

Stan the Man at the line!

  • Elite: Repeat Offenders easily advanced to the Pole Position, pounding Triple Threat, 61-39!

  • 30+ B/C - Tomb Raiders pulled it out!  They defeated the Black Mambas by the slimmest of margins in a thriller, 57-56!

  • 40+ B - The FreeBirds showed no mercy as they decimated the Bucket List 57-32!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

CommishShort - Week 1 Action!

Elite Upset!

Did Ninja really just lose, after running the table in the Fall Season with the perfect 10-0 season?!  YES!  At the hands of the Expansionites, who appear to be on a mission this season!  "Well, what can I say - we are running without our season MVP.  We tried, but ever since he got the award, we ain't good enough for him!" stated Aaron "GM of the Year" Mundrake.

40+ A, B or...Elite?!

After several years in hiding, the Gotem Pirates (previously HAVOC) returned to the best damn league in the area to mix it up once again!  So what do they do?  They enter 40+ B, then proceed to trounce their first opponent by 41 points!  Needless to say, the Commissioner is looking into moving them up.  "Yo, we wanna win, but who knew we were that good!  Maybe we should move right to Elite!" explained coach and awesome point guard Stan "The Man" Ford.


See you all Sunday, then a two week break for the holidays!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Fall 2017 Season - Championship Teams and Top League Scorers Announced!


"Well, we didn't help the old team!"

"My guy is MVP of Elite!"

"If I can't play with these boots, you're on your own!"

"Be nice to us refs!"

Elite Division!

As predicted, Ninja takes it all, but just by one 3-point difference!  With the win, they caught the Repeat Offenders with the most championships!  That will make the Winter Season extra interesting!

Top 10!

MVP John!

30+ A/B Division!

The younger Woodchippers overpowered the venerable Elders, who seemed to run out of gas by the end.  They just couldn't keep up with the run and gun strategy of the champs, who successfully defended their title from the Spring Season, now with a total of 7 titles to match Ninja and RepeatOffenders (all tied for 3rd in the all-time list) - do we hear Elite for the Winter Season?!

Top 10!
MVP Darien!


30+ B/C Division!

Uncle Hoopsters pulled off a thriller win over the very competitive Killers, that went down to the last seconds to determine the winner!

MVP Raj!

Uncle Hoopsters!

Top 10!

40+ A Division!

We've not seen such a perfectly played game in Legends for awhile!  Two teams that should have produced a close game, turned into a rout, as the Woodchippers-2 could not miss!

MVP Christian!

Champion WoodChippers-2!

Top 10!

40+ B Division!

Ok, so the Commish's Office blew this prediction, as the BlueChips proved everyone wrong by running the table in the playoffs after a 2-5 regular season...go figure!  That's what can happen in Legends, you can't count any team out!  The BlueChips got hot, and that's that!  Hats off to the champs!

Champion BlueChips!

MVP Akinlabi!

Top 10!

40+ C Division!

Champs at last! Their twin (3?!) Towers all showed up...BIG!  So their previous 0-3 playoff record is now on the upswing, and B Division, here we come!  

Champs BucketList!

MVP David!

Top 10!

Weeknight B/C Division!

Volume Integration would not be denied!  They played a great team game, that thwarted the young guns of the HD Chasers, as well as their Hall of Fame bound leader, Lance!

MVP Michael!

Volume Integration Champs!

Top 10!