Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Winter 2018/19 Season Wrap-up!

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FanCam Winners!

Runner-Up! FanCam Award - $25 Registration Discount!

Runner-Up! FanCam Award - $25 Registration Discount!

WINNER! FanCam Award - $75 Registration Discount!

Elite Division!

Elite MVP Joshua DeSmyter!

Led by two monster performances from MVP Joshua DeSmyter and Garrett Trump (who also had a critical steal near the end of the game to seal it), dropping 17 points each - followed closely by Elijah Ten with 15 - the Expansionites triumphed over the best efforts of the HD Chasers in a repeat of last seasons finals!

30+ A Division!

30+ A MVP Ian Gainor!

Every point mattered in this close match between the defending champion Woodchippers and the Tomb Raiders! With dominant showings from MVP Ian Gainor and Shawn Deadwiler II, scoring 18 points each, the Tomb Raiders took the 30+ A championship title for themselves, after securing 30+ B last season!

30+ B Division!

30+ B MVP Scott Young!

After their heartbreaking loss last season to the Tomb Raiders, the Black Mambas dominated in these finals to take the championship against the Farmers! MVP Scott Young led the scoring with 17 points, followed closely by Aubrey Rosser with 15. Ready for the A Division?!

30+ C Division!

30+ C MVP Dick Beville (does he ever smile?!)!

After losing to them in the Semifinals last year, the Killers were angry enough to come back and take the championship title from the defending Team Van Metre! Captained by longtime Legend, original Hall of Famer class, and MVP Dick Beville, every member of the Killers contributed to their victory!

40+ A Division!

40+ A MVP Justin Matteo!

The Woodchippers brought it against the famed Elders! With the leadership of MVP Justin Matteo and 26 points from Daniel Nemerow, the Woodchippers surged ahead to take the championship for themselves after losing last season!

40+ B Division!

40+ B MVP Charlie Hall!

It looks like Bucket List can cross something off as they took the win against the FreeBirds! It was truly a team victory with contributions across the board!

40+ C Division! 

40+ C MVP Charles Patrick!

Led by a dominant performance by MVP Charles Patrick, dropping 14 points, the Dealers came through to take the championship against the Squirrely Fliers! A heartbreaking loss for them, as they were also defeated last season in the finals!

Weeknight A/B Division! 

Weeknight A/B MVP Travis Willis!

Led by breakout performances from MVP Travis Willis and Michael Oblitey, with 18 and 21 points, respectively, Pick N Roll picked up a second consecutive championship win against the UREC Rejects! (Are they ready for the Sunday Elite Division?!)

Weeknight B/C Division!

Weeknight B/C Charles Crawford-Silva!

The Shockers picked up the championship win in a nail-bitingly close match against the Swish Kebabs! Led by Lee Gleason's 12 points, the Shockers saw scoring across the board in this truly team victory!

Top Scorers!


30+ A:

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Weeknight A/B:

Weeknight B/C:

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Winter Season Predictions!

By Popular Demand!

The Commissioner's Office offers the following predictions for the awesome Winter season!

Elite Division

We continue to like the Expansionites, defeating the Repeat Defenders in a close Finals match!

30+ A Division

The Woodchippers are peaking, and they should pull out this division, defeating the TombRaiders in the Finals!

30+ B Division

Black Mambas are the favs, with a solid 6-1 record…they should breeze through the Finals over either Venom or Farmers.

30+ C Division

Dodge City runs the table, defeating Cordia Heat.

40+ A Division

Hmm, what a competitive division!  We see the Elders getting past a resurgent MudSharks, then taking down the WoodChippers in the Finals!

40+ B Division

The undefeated BucketList! No question!

40+ C Division

Who can vote against the venerable HoundDogs? Yup, they’re getting older (dropping to C Division), but still a great team, and good enough for another ring!

Weeknight A/B Division

Pick n Roll, Pick n Roll, Pick n Roll!  Enough said!

Weeknight B/C Division

The Shockers shock no one, completing the perfect season with Gold!

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Fall Season Results!

The Fall Season is over!

See all the info below for the Season Wrap-up:

1.    Results!  See the Tourney Trees here: http://files.leagueathletics.com/Text/Documents/11670/68358.pdf

2.    MVP Announcements (on the main page for 15 minutes and more of Fame! www.PlayLegendsBasketball.com)

4.    League Top Scorers Announcements - Top 20 by Division!


30+ A


30+ C

40+ A

40+ B

40+ C