Friday, May 26, 2017

Elite Action!

The fight for seeding in Elite was intense, with Ninja out-shooting the vaunted Outlawz!  Will they meet again?  Hope so!

Montel drives...
Derrick Flies...
Grady Soars...
...then Jams..

But unstoppable!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Commish Short!

Playoffs Around the Corner!

Just one more regular season game, and we have 3 games with significant seeding implications!

The three "Games of the Week" for Week 7 (5/21/17) are as follows:

1. Wasabi Warriors (6-0) battle the Woodchippers (5-1).  Can WW extend to 7-0, or lose the #1 seed with a loss?!

2. Dealers (6-0) vs. Innkeepers (5-1) same issue as above!

3. Ninja (4-2) vs. Outlawz (5-1).  Outlaws seem untouchable - as long as their awesome top scorer shows!  But the venerable Ninja - sitting tied with Repeat Offenders with Most Elite Division Championships at 6 - are back and want another ring!  See the Championship Team list here:

Good luck to all the teams!

Friday, May 5, 2017

Spring 2017 - Mid Season Report!

We've reached mid-season!  See the Top 25 scorers, Undefeated teams, and action!

Fan Cam!

Start 'em young!

Top 25 - at Mid-Season!

Dave Burger leads the way with 117 points, while Donald Vaughn owns the best PPG!

Undefeated Teams!

Elite: No one left untouched! Ninja and Outlawz are at the top at 4-1!
30+ A/B: Wasabi Warriors perfect at 5-0!
30+B/C: 3-way tie at 4-1! Cordia Heat, Killers, and HAVOC!
40+ A/B: HD Chasers at 3-1
40+ B/C: Dealers, FCC Clipboards, and Bad Hombres at 5-0!
Tuesday Night League: X-Factor and Volume Integration at 3-0!



Monday, March 20, 2017

Winter 2016/17 Season - Championship Teams and Top League Scorers Announced!





See all the season's pictures here:

Elite Division

Colonial's Revenge stopped the red-hot Central Intelligence in a thriller game that went down to the last shot!  For those there, it rivaled the March Madness nail-biters we are all enjoying now! Harry Lee (League MVP) earned the title with his tenacious defense!

MVP Harry Lee!

Colonial's Revenge!

Top 10 season scorers for the division:

30+ A

Squires notched their second championship by taking down the previously undefeated Woodchippers behind coach Sed "Superman" Winston and his band of powerful squires!  Chipping at wood generally works, but against the Man of Steel, it wasn't going to cut it!

MVP Scott Davis!

Top 10 season scorers for the division:

30+ B

Square One showed their dominance in the B Division, as they picked apart a strong Chicken Express for a 14-point win.  They were led by the unstoppable Jared Fowler who simply poured in 27 points!
MVP Jared Fowler!

Square One!


Top 10 season scorers for the division:

30+ C

The Farmers did not hold back against Cordia Heat, as they dominated the finals with a 20+ margin of victory.   They had no answer to Clay Trivett, who scored at will, finishing with a whopping 33 points!

MVP Clay!


Top 10 season scorers for the division:

40+ A

Z2 did not squander their opportunity, as thy took big advantage of the HD Chasers who were without their seasoned stud, Lance Posey!  It may not have mattered, as Z2 was on fire all game, but one has to wonder!  Lance waited for his chance to win the coveted 40+ A division, particularly since his nemesis, the Elders were not there to thwart him!  Aaron McDade led the way with 18.
MVP Aaron!


Top 10 season scorers for the division:


40+ B

Blue Chips powered past the seasoned War Dogs, to take the 40+ B crown.  They had multiple scoring threats, including 3 in double-digits, as the War Dogs could not defend all three!  Bill Davis got the MVP nod, while Charles Patrick (16 points) and coach Darnell Williams (10 points) helped lead the attack!
MVP Davis!

Blue Chips!

Top 10 season scorers for the division:


40+ C

Another 3-player attack, and the InnKeepers didn't disappoint their guests by shuttering the hopes and dreams of the Bad Hombres!  Dave Burger was the high scorer at 19 points, while Mike Cassidy had 14 and Damon Smith finished with 11.
MVP John Dixon!


Top 10 season scorers for the division:


Friday, March 10, 2017

Semis Complete - Finals are set for the Showdown!


She likes what she sees!

"Daddy, please score for me!"

"Anything for my baby!"

 Upset City!

Central Intelligence went on to take down the mighty Repeat Offenders in a huge upset!

Tim tries in vain!

Is "Uninspired Play" too weak a description?!"

"Oh yeah!"

Rock on to the Finals!


Elite: With Repeat Offenders bounced, and Central Intelligence riding high, you gotta pick them as slight favorites over the powerful Colonial's Revenge!

30+ A: Woodchippers kept their perfect season going, but now it's the Finals and the Squires are in town!  Who can defeat Sedrick Superman and his team?!  Squires win!


30+ B: HAVOC was upset bigtime by Chicken Express, and now faces the HOT Square One!  We gotta go with Square One, even thought CE is playing with tons of passion!  This could be another upset, though!

30+ C: Cordia Heat vs. Farmers!  But with the Farmers blowing out Volume Integration, we can't pick CH to win, sorry!

40+ A:  As predicted, it's Z2 vs. HD Chasers!  We think it's HD's time (See Lance's league-leading 32 point effort!), after all their previous defeats in the Finals!

40+ B: Also hotly contested! War Dogs vs. Blue Chips!  We are NOT calling this game...too close! 

40+ C: Bad Hombres are looking "BadAss", but the Innkeepers are powerful when they show up!  We will demure on this, saying BH wins IF Innkeeper studs are not available, but win if they are - we can't lose this bet!

Top Scorers of the Week!

Other Action!

Flying high to victory!

"Back to back" championships not in the cards for RepeatOffenders!

Ryan going for the perfect season!

Smiling in defeat!