Sunday, December 1, 2019

Fall 2019 Season Results!

Fall 2019 🍁🏀🏆🍂
In this Issue:

  • FanCam 
  • Championship Team Pictures
  • Individual Scores and Rebounds
  • MVP Highlights 
  • Awesome Action
  • Division Top Scorers
  • ...and...all the finals pictures posted!:

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Fan Cam!


RIOT vs ReapeatOffenders

The RepeatOffenders get a repeat of last season with just missing the championship crown!  This time against the all new killer team RIOT!  

MVP Elijah Ten!

Division Top Scorers

30+ A/B!

Dump and Chase vs Make it Rain 

Dump and Chase had an amazing game with only 6 players to win the championship against Make it Rain! Especially their MVP, Ben Gerow, who got a remarkable 28 points, double his average of 14 per game! 

MVP Ben Gerow!

Division Top Scorers
*Picture TBA*

30+ B/C!

GrindFathers vs Team Van Metre 

The GrindFathers grind it out and win the championship against reigning champs Team Van Metre!

MVP Devon Nickerson! 

Division Top Scorers

40+ A!

Bucket List vs Elders 

Another reigning champ, the Elders, taken down by the Bucket List this season for an exciting win!  As predicted by the Commissioner's Office the twin towers, Adams and Benning, showed and led the team to their big victory!

MVP Bill Adams!

 Division Top Scorers

40+ B!

BallHawks vs Bozo Ballers

BallHawks take down the Bozo Ballers in this one!  The only one of two teams to prove the Commissioner's Office predictions wrong with a great game! 

MVP Scott Thaddeus!

 Division Top Scorers

40+ C!

HoundDogs vs Squirrely Flyers

The HoundDogs after thinking their game was over, consistently scored to come back to win the championship!  As one of our longest standing teams, the HoundDogs ended their championship drought as they haven't won the championship since Winter 2017.  They are tied for 2nd in most championship wins with 12 wins!  Their first one being in Winter 2008!

MVP Dennis Somech!

Division Top Scorers

Weeknight A/B!

PICK N ROLL vs The Kings of the Slams

Pick N Roll had quite the comeback with a point deficit of 5 in the last 30 seconds.  Tied the game with 7 seconds on the clock and Jasper Willis stole the ball and won the championship with a layup and the foul shot to win by 3!  With the win, they exorcised past demons where they lost close championship games in the final moments.  

MVP Travis Willis!

Division Top Scorers

Weeknight B/C!

Shockers vs UREC Rejects

The Shockers got their third championship in row with an excitingly close game!  Are they ready for the A/B division?!

MVP Matt Walker!

 Division Top Scorers
*Picture TBA*

Thanks to everyone for your participation and enthusiasm!  
We love our Legends Family!